Bubbles Are Better

Have you ever tried to blow a bubble? Is every bubble the same or unique? Think of every idea you ever had as a bubble. I ideas can come and go as they please, or if it’s a super sticky bubble sit on the surface for all to see. I came to bubbles after watching acute and blonde curly haired girl blowing the bubbles at the park it was a slight breeze and she kept blowing the bubbles opposite the wind most of them kept popping after some direction and blowing the bubbles into the when the bubbles didn’t pop anymore and they went further. On her own she found higher ground in the playground and bubbles were everywhere! One sentence of advice changed her base idea of blowing bubbles and they were everywhere.

Some Bubbles Bounce And Some Bubbles Stick

Have you ever blown a bubble and seen it bounce off the surface and keep flying? Doesn’t it totally amaze you? Depending on the speed your bubbles hit that surface, or the type of surface that it is there will be more of a bounce effect. When you bring the bubbles into the world of ideas, make sure you think about the bounce ability of your bubbles. Sometimes you may have unexpected results from what it is you’re trying to do. Depending on the consistency, organization and reliance of your ideas you may be lucky enough to get an idea to stick.

Way Bubbles Shine Different Colors in the Light

Does every bubble that you blow have the same color? Depending on how the light refracts off the bubble and the soap that the bubble is made out of you get a unique and different view of its complexity and its beauty. It’s the same when people look at your ideas. Look for people who want to explore your ideas and see how many colors they can see on the surface of your bubble.


With the Wind or against the Wind – Experiment

Depending on the direction at you blow your bubbles you will either get more bubbles that stay afloat and fly it away or they will pop almost instantly if you’re fighting the wind too much. (If you’re lucky they want pot and I’ll just keep flying in the opposite direction.) Think of bubbles as your ideas. An idea is nothing more than that unless you take action. Depending on the actions that you take your ideas will become something greater. Sometimes you have to experiment which direction to see the true potential outcome.



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