What is in your bag?

What is in your bag? As a business owner you reach into the bag more often then you really want to retrieve not just money, but other tricks you have saved. They come out when necessary and are needed to make the deal or your business succeed. As a business owner it is important to always have the bag with you! Depending if you work alone or with others the bag needs to be more varied when you need to accommodate special requests for your services.

Have you gone to a burger restaurant that only serves them plain with no cheese, and all you want is the cheese on it? Are you going to eat their or go somewhere else? Keep your customers happy and make sure the variety of cheese and other toppings are their! Sometimes they may want other adds you don’t have there like jalapenos…that is when you utilize vendors that help support your product or services. They can help add to your support system and customers in the future. Never burn your bridges!

Keep your bag handy and stocked, for you never know when it is needed!

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