Your Bridge Structure!

Courage + Action + Now = Success. Action comes in between…it is the precipitator to make an idea take shape and develop.

Focus on your ideas and goals while reading this blog. What is the success that you see in the near future? Think of a bridge as a way to visualize your ideas and goals.

Getting to the now means that your bridge has been successfully built. At the starting point of your bridge you identify a specific goal or objective. By reaching the end of your bridge, you have achieved that goal or objective. Between the start and end of your bridge is important to recognize the deciding points and evaluate the structure as you’re building it.

Although it seems like an abstract concept, it is a way to envision your goal and objective. Success does not have to be measured by who is at the top and can be measured diagonally. Envision it as a bridge. The deciding steps that you take while you’re crossing the bridge will help determine the success of the final outcome! By maintenancing the bridge structure your ensuring a continued success.

The questions that needs to be answered by you…

What goal and objective do you have, that you would like to bring into fruition?

Do you have a plan to structure your goal or objective?

What deciders can alter your final goal if needed, and can you use it in part of your success?

The size of your bridge (a.k.a. goal and objective) can be limitless! Does your bridge reach across the entire ocean, or does it stretch across along a Lake? Perhaps there are a few small goals and objectives that form separate bridges which results in crossing the entire ocean and they all connect.


Start building your bridge today! There is more water than there are bridges out there! Connect the two sides!

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