Jessica Keyes
Business IDEA to REALITY Series
Do you have a great idea for a business that has come to mind but has not yet
been developed to fruition?

Or has the framework developed but nothing has happened to it yet?
Don’t give up hope and harness your CAN (Courage + Action + Now = Success)

Realize your Successful Personally and Professional Self Today with full use of
your CAN.

Be Your Own Numen (a spiritual force or influence)!
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Session #1:  Courage of Business Success

The “Courage” Process
- The Goals You Want to Achieve
-  Courageous Qualities
-  Identify Support Mechanisms
Session #2: Action of Business Success

The Process Behind ACTION
  A…nalyze (Observe, Anticipate)
C…ommunicate (Respond)
T…ranslate (Learn, Grow)
Session #3: Now for Business Success

The NOW Principle
  Nothing is Guaranteed…it is Earned
Own Your Moments
Walk with Purpose