Are you interested in being published but don’t know where to get started?

Want to know how to convert what you’ve published into an income positive direction?

People interested in publishing their inspirational work, potentially expanding their income and solidifying their stories and expertise in history have a knowledgeable resource to get started with CAN Publishing.  A great way for new and first time publishers to get a kick start! Also a cost-effective way for established authors to expand their target base. It is much easier to achieve these goals with a team in mind. Add CAN Publishing to your team and watch your success grow.

The Mission

An inspirational publisher that helps promote new and popular authors and/or speakers to relay their stories and expertise. With CAN we focus on the courage, action and now needed to help you expand your success.

The History of Can Publishing

CAN Publishing was created by Jessica Keyes. Jessica has a conglomeration of marketing, Internet and publishing skills. She has worked with a multitude of industries and individuals on a marketing and personal level for over 12 years. Her greatest enjoyment comes helping people to succeed and make their dream a reality. CAN Publishing under the guise of Jessica strives to create and maintain another way to help people with their individual success.


Author/Speaker Benefits from CAN Publishing:

  • Editing and E-book publishing services.
  • E-book posting online and account maintenance.
  • Publications splash page for authors.
  • Package of startup materials that authors/speakers can use to promote their product.
  • Author keeps ALL RIGHTS to any publicized materials.
  • Special marketing assistance as required.
  • Base printing service availability.
  • Cost effective Social Media and Internet presence.


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