Hinds’ Feet Farm and Their Inspirational Members!

I feel privileged and honored to welcome Hinds’ Feet Farm members/authors into my CAN Publishing community! Hinds’ Feet Farm has unique and innovative programs for adults with traumatic and acquired brain injuries and their families. I was introduced to the members when they expressed an interest in a Toastmasters Club I was a member of. Through that connection I was able to meet them over the past several years and run programs to help the members with their communication and leadership skills. .Their voices became loud proud and focused as a result of working with them. They had opinions and thoughts needed to be heard. I even got to  spend time with the therapeutic horses outside of my Toastmasters time them and found it just as rewarding. Through my interactions with the members, staff, volunteers and horses I learned how to appreciate the hope, sharing of life with family, learning and how to recognize the skills/adaptions that the traumatic and acquired brain injury members had to overcome in their lives. Each one of them had a different story how it happened…and an unbelievable story of growth to reclaim their true potential.

Just when I thought one of the recent lessons had a chance to sink in another was around the corner. Who knows how many more their will be? I had been talking with staff members  and program members at the end of December and was told there was an inspirational book that needed to be read.  In the interim I was hit with my own challenge, diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and didn’t get to fulfill a promise made to the members. After healing up and reconnecting with the staff members, I realized how important the lessons I learned from the members were to me. “INSPIRATIONAL” is the best word I could give the group.

“Hinds’ Feet Farm Tales” Written and Illustrated By: The Members of Hinds’ Feet Farm was nothing short of inspirational. In fact, it exceeded my initial expectations when I first heard about it and cried after I read it. It encompassed the core principle that “their community is one of respect and welcoming, no matter who you are. We believe it is important to treat everyone equally and to focus on abilities, not disabilities.” I thank them for all the inspiration and feel privileged that it I was able to put it on e-junkie and  share the PDF. Every purchase that is done will go back into their community programming fund in full! For a small donation, readers CAN get inspired and share with the Hinds’ Feet Members their encompassed abilities. I am honored to bring the message to you! Please support Hinds’ Feet Farm as they move forward in their mission.

Link to Purchase: http://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart&ejc=2&cl=274519&i=1525162