The Motivational Author

Great is the Motivational Author with a Purpose!

The challenge of being a successful motivational author is having a true and clear purpose behind your vision. No matter what message you have for the world it is lucky to be included. Your message and motivation makes a difference and changes in a positive light. The worst thing a motivational author can do is bottle it up!

Where Do I Get Started?

Start by taking a pen and paper in your hand and jotting down your written purpose and/or goal. You may may have the thought with you in mind but it still needs to be structurally organized. Decide on what format you would like your vision to take as well. A chapter, story or anthology is most effective with good planning and execution. The help of a trusted support person is a key way to hone your focus or ideas.

Your Number of Reading Pages

Try not too muddy your purposeful inspiration with many pages of reading. Sometimes short, less wordy and too the point is the way to go. Depending on the age or attention span of your readers an edited or expanded version of your vision may be needed.

The Use of Illustration

Depending on your inspiration the use of illustration may or may not be needed. Make sure your vision is exemplified by them, and can leave visual strength behind it. The strength needs to be seen in your writing, and not be taken away from it.

Deliver your vision with ease and purpose! A motivational author knows no bounds!

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