The Struggles of a Motivational Author…What Should My Title Be?

Have you been struggling with what title is the destination your publication takes…or even what new or interesting title to use for yourself? I have always tried to end my email salutations with what emulates the theme or purpose of associated emails and is creative. If you get an email from The Power of CAN you will see “Your CAN DO Leader!” as part of the signature…or “Your CAN Do Publisher!” when I send emails from CAN Publishing. You need to be unique and eye catching in every aspect of your public image.

The same goes with a publication title. It needs to be unique, be clear as to what subjects it discusses and prompt the potential readers to get interested. There is a long list of things to consider, but if you attack it with focus and coordination the publication will be hard for the reader to forget!

So what creative title do you have in the works for you? I am already working on the title for my next publication which will focus on the CAN in business, working with clients and motivating your employees…It’s more than just a can of inspirational soup…It’s what is in the pot. As I now know  what my writing focus is time to craft the final title…it looks like I might be going with “You CAN Do It: Just need more than the Condensed Soup…or do you?”. Interested yet? After reading “The CAN Do Guide: Ingredients to Success!” it seems to be the next expected step.

I have helped authors who have spent months tweaking their publication titles. Sometimes it just takes some revisional thoughts!

Start with a clear notebook and hash it out! Your next inspiration can start their!

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