Non-Expensive Author Resources and Social Media

One of the least expensive ways authors can put themselves out to the world in social media can vary. By ensuring your placement on the social media grid life as an author will be more successful. How do you want to relay your message to the world? Here are some resources to explore and base yourself on. All it takes is a little bit of time and good writing dedication.

WordPress / Website /Blog (Cost: Free +)

WordPress can be utilized on a free basis, or you can purchase a site template. Whether you want to utilize apps in the WordPress depends whether whether you will need a or base. (Make sure to get an easily relayed website domain as well to use for your blog/website. Many authors utilize there

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) (Cost: Free +)

Usually a free resource and various types of uses. Just make sure you limit what you want to utilize to forms of social media you can keep up with. An un-monitored social media site shows your lack of support to keep it updated. Some is more picture based and some is more text oriented.

Outstand – Branded Email Communication and Newsletters ($20.00 to Start)

By tracking your contacts and setting up a newsletter it is easier to relay updates based on your activity right through their email. A newsletter is easy to forward from person to person as well expanding the extent of your message. Some options include Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Outstand allows you to send branded emails, newsletters and more. I like to send contracts etc. to clients through it and you can track who opens the emails.

Creative Business Cards/Marketing Materials (Cost: Customizable and affordable!)

Creative business cards and materials will make you stand out from other authors in group settings. Just make sure what you are using has a purpose to your audience. Pick key quotes to put on your materials that will facilitate your audience affiliating it to you.

Hootsuite– Social Media Organizer (Cost: $10.00 +)

Have multiple social media resources you utilize? How about keeping track of them in one place. It will help you keep up with them and see what you already tackled. A great way to have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more through one place. I have also utilized Socialoomph in the past as well.


Whatever your chosen resources make sure you utilize them well and often! Keep your windows open to the world, read your comments and respond!

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