Importance of the Author Bio

As much as it great to see an image on the screen of the published work of an author, there is something missing when you don’t see an accompanying authors page to read. Every book is not graced with a cover that has bright powerful images as well. Many of the best books I’ve read have a plain and unassuming cover. Your left as the reader wondering about the author’s background, skills and accomplishments. Many of the sources that you utilize to publish your works online have the of the availability to help you create an author’s page as part of the service. In some places you have to use a separate login to do so on another page aside from the purchasing page. If the source you’re using to publish the work does not have the availability of an author’s page I suggest you purchase an online domain with your name, and after your established you can always work something more up.

Make this author bio one of your first goals in addition to putting your published work online. It is a key resource as well for marketing purposes. Understanding you as a person, professional and author-self is essential to being a success with your audience. On some pages you’re just given a blank area for you to fill in your information. Some sites will ask you to fill in specific questions.

Which ever author bio entering method used make sure to include:

  • What skills establish me as an expert on the subject?
  • What is my motivation for this published work?
  • Is this published work part of a series or does it stand by itself individually?
  • How can I best relate to my audience the summary?

As a new author it’s very easy to miss this easy part of your author profile with the excitement of having your first publishing work ready to be posted online for sale or for sharing. It’s even more important to have author bio information handy for the reader to see if you are not a “celebrity”. Let’s face it… how many celebrity writers you know by face upon looking at them for the first time? It’s after reading through the internal pages of their work, or reading an extensive summary of what is going to be included in their contents that the initial relationship is formed between the author and the reader. Answer the questions above and make it a first good meeting… You may not get a second chance if the audience you want to reach puts your publication down right away. Show the reader how interesting you are in the short SECONDS that they glance at your information.

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