Do the Youth Understand the Strength of Their Words?

I have talked to a multitude of youths in my leadership programs that don’t realize their unbridled capability of using the written word to relay their points. They have no idea where to start or what may render the important words of inspiration to others. No matter what age, there is something important to say. The difference may be in the eloquence of what they write, but the message is clearly written the same!

I encourage you to foster capabilities any youth may have communicate in a written way usefully. Without a little bit of guidance that idea or inspiration may be lost to the world forever. It’s like waking up from a dream that was amazing, because you don’t write it down it is forgotten. May have been the most prolific dream that could change someone’s life!

Just encourage them to put their thoughts into an an organized manner, figure out the format that they want to utilize and get writing! It’s as simple as that!

Side Note: if you have students that may have difficulty typing their thoughts out correctly and quickly before they float away take a look at the natural speak program. Students would be able to dictate their thoughts into any document and not lose their thoughts. A floating thought can fly… You don’t wanted to float away! (Has have been many a time to me when I have not stopped to write it down! Who knows what I’ve forgotten to write down before?)


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