Ordering Your Visions

Do you have a vision in your head of what you want to put out as a published work? Figuring out your preferred format and online presence is important and necessary so you can get yourself out as a celebrated author to the world. In some cases, it is more challenging to accomplish successfully without difficulty, but worth all the efforts able to try.

Book Format – Schematics

The book format is the first challenge to go along with choosing a title. You need to initially decide on:

  • Page Size Format
  • Book Cover
  • Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • Need for a Forward
  • Citing Your Sources

Before submitting your writing for publication talk to fellow authors, publishers and editors for the options you want to explore. COST is the enemy up front until that bridge is crossed, and can be difficult for the aspiring author.


“Author Page” Considerations

An author page is essential to help readers get a good idea of why the written work is written and published. The moral of the writing and personal purpose the author has can be easily relayed. Depending on what publisher you use and the online services provided it may or may not already be included at low or no cost. (i.e. Amazon Central Author is a free way to put your author profile online and you can list your publication as a kindle for free as well. Just be prepared for royalty fees depending what you choose.)


Author Website

In order for authors to get the best coverage online, it is essential to get a corresponding domain with your name or book title that is available up-front. Make sure you decide whether it will be something wanted to edit yourself, or have done for you. Depending on the funding availability and needs these deciders can make big differences in your distribution capability.

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