What is Your Story?

The purveyer of wanting to tell a story is needing to impart knowledge, experience, wisdom, opinions and fact. How you tell your story depends on another persons willingness to listen and integrate what they are reading or hearing into their thought proccesses. Every story and experience has a purpose, that sometimes may not be initially appreciated by the information acceptor.

Whatever you are writing or communicating about be clear, concise and don’t hold back your opinions. Write your feelings and emothionswith a goal and purpose. Don’t be dissuaded by what others say. Make sure you relay with positivity and relay experiences to hook the intended audience in.

Whatever your story is…It has an Importance! Whether young, middle or old find the way to communicate your message and be confident. Every experience is timeless when it is put into words on paper or on a computer. Recording the experience only you have is the only way it can be told. What is your story? 

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