How Long Do My Chapters Need to Be?

One of the most asked questions perspective authors have about their publications is how long do the chapters have to be? That answer can vary based on your printing budget, how many pages you will take to make your point and  prospective audiences attention span that needs focus.

The number of chapters needed must be clear, focused and important. By starting with a solid summary and core chapter list you can get to the point with less words. Bottom line is the number of chapters you need should not be truncated if it means your goal or purpose will be lost. The number of pages can change once you paginate and margin correct the pages as needed. The last thing you want to do is find out that by adding 10 more pages you are going to end up in the next money bracket for printing and you already have it to the least number of words wanted.

  • Think about how long your chapters need to be.
  • Think about the format you need to choose.
  • Formulate a chapter list and summary.
  • Plan ahead on the costs of printing.
  • Plan ahead on social media needs.

Happy writing! May your message be clear and purposeful.

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